In the Fall of 2011, brothers Bobby and Clayton Chamberlain set out on a memorable road trip through the American South, bringing about a pride in the spirit of American entrepreneurship and a desire to build a brand rooted in intentional, quality products, and the celebration of things made by heart and by hand. That road trip sparked a deep appreciation for the spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship in this country, a bar set high for standards in manufacturing and quality, and an idea of using denim and leather – America’s brick and mortar materials. What came out of that trip was a business idea and a product: the Maker’s Apron. 

Our name, American Native, is a play on our brand celebrating things that are American made, but another side of our name is a nod to a piece of our heritage, which is part Native American. The Chamberlain brothers were raised in Oklahoma, which has a very rich Native background, on a farm where working hard was praised, and learning to ‘make things work with what you’ve got’ was the norm.

When we started making our aprons back in 2012, it was all about a premium, made-in-USA product. But over time, it became so much less about the product and so much more about the people who were wearing them. To us, the apron represents the dreamers, the do-ers, the people who set out to make something great with their hands, their time, and their passions. And those people, those stories, are why we’re here – why we want to keep going – to celebrate the spirit and story of people with the passion, grit, and courage to step out and do what they love.

We’re here to cultivate a culture of celebrating the American spirit of entrepreneurship, hard work, and small business.