Leather Cream

Leather Cream


Made with all-natural ingredients like food grade seed oils and filtered beeswax, this cream is truly a product you’re going to love. Show your leather goods some TLC by cleaning and then applying our cream. A leather product that you keep oiled and conditioned will help resist scratches and cracking, allowing the beloved leather to age beautifully and serve you well with time.

  • 4 oz

  • Natural seed oils & beeswax

  • Helps keep your leather conditioned and protected

  • Made in USA

*Pro Tip: You will find it best to use the cream after letting it sit in the sun for a couple of hours. This method will let the cream soften up a bit, allowing for easier application. If your leather product isn’t too light-sensitive you can also let it sit in the sun for about an hour, which will open the pores up in the leather and yield the best results of our leather cream.

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